The Right Site(domain) for SEO

Under the title “The Right Site for SEO”, today I want to briefly touch upon how to do a correct and honest SEO work and what a correct site should be like. Almost all of us are familiar with the literal meaning of SEO. However, what concerns us is not its literal meaning but how it should be and what it brings.

How a proper and honest SEO work is done

Remember that incorrect practices will overshadow the right ones. SEO is not unlike a race with a starting point and no end. To be successful, you need to leave many competitors behind. It’s beneficial to move with caution and confidence from start to finish.

choosing domain namesCliche but accurate SEO criterias

Domain choice for SEO: Google and other search engines have attached high importance to domain names since the inception of SEO. Factors such as the length of the domain name, its literal meaning, keyword density, the domain’s registration date, its extension, and age play a part. It’s tough to find a domain that fits all these criteria. Having a domain that meets these standards pushes your website a step further. While its importance may have diminished compared to a few years ago, it’s still relevant. For instance, if you’re researching a domain for the term “SEO” and generic extensions like .com, .net, and .org have been purchased, you should opt for two-worded site names. Similarly, you might consider names like “seobooks” or “seo topics”. Having one keyword in your site name will suffice. Don’t overthink it. These days, just as much as incorrect efforts directed at a website, its name can also be considered spammy by Google. Incorrect domain examples for SEO would be like “babybaby stroller.com”, .org, .net. Do extensive research from the beginning and decide after evaluating all criteria.

Domain name selection and age factor: Google and other search engines place importance on the age of the site. Scrutinize the domain of a new site you’re about to launch! If possible, start with a domain that’s been used for a few years; you’ll notice its advantages in time. Before buying a previously used domain, make sure to check its history at https://archive.org/web/. Then, analyze incoming links to the site with backlink tools like ahrefs.com to determine if there are any harmful links. If the domain has bad links, definitely avoid it. It might be better to get a brand new domain.

Domain character count and Special characters: Many SEO experts might claim that the length of a site name isn’t crucial, but rest assured, every SEO expert prefers a short and concise domain. Short domains are easier to remember. Google knows this and favors short domains. Even though domains with special characters have been in use for over four years, they don’t bear much significance for SEO. They don’t align perfectly with SEO efforts. Don’t use them for sites with large audiences or significant keywords.

Web hosting choice: Selecting hosting or a server suitable for your website’s target audience will bring benefits. Nobody wants to face a sudden surprise like exceeding limits. Acquire hosting services with high capacity and bandwidth.

DNS is a minor criterion for SEO: Though it’s a minor criterion, using a dedicated DNS helps you tread more confidently. If you are going to use DNS from another domain, ensure that the domain has been active for years and hasn’t spread harmful content.

HTTPS Security Certificate: Recognized as a positive ranking factor by Google, the use of the HTTPS certificate is increasing day by day. HTTPS is a protocol meaning a secure website. In the eyes of search engines, it is considered more valuable than HTTP.

Troublesome Ddos attacks and assaults: Nowadays, inevitable attacks threaten every successful website. Tackling the issue from the outset will always yield better results. These are part of anti-SEO efforts made by malicious SEO experts who realize they can’t surpass their competitors. Their sole aim is to demote you in Google rankings and take your place. They won’t do this randomly; someone must have promised them something, or they simply can’t compete with you. 🙂 Take precautions from the start; acquire DDoS-protected hosting service.